Custom Branded & Promotional Long Sleeve Dress Shirts

Long sleeve dress shirts are to the corporate world what Monday is to the week ahead, it signifies a sense of seriousness and “I mean business” with a dash of “let’s get planning”.

Commonly worn to meetings or formal events, it sure has the power to transform. The “regular guy” you know, always seen in some form of casual wear suddenly sporting a shirt with matching tie is sure to have you mentally blurting out, “he looks so different”.

Its flexibility can match with a pair of denims for the Sunday morning church service or a suit for that all-important job interview. Likewise, a custom long sleeve dress shirt can be the perfect display for your logo or an alternative to the norm for your groomsmen.

A staple to the male gender, we have seen much of a rise in females looking equally dashing in dress shirts, therefore making it suitable to both genders. In the corporate world, embroidered long sleeves dress shirts can range from a simplistic logo or company name to highly detailed designs.

Long sleeve dress shirts can be found in every household and are to a man what a pair of heels would be to a woman.
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