Custom Branded & Promotional Plastic Drinkware

Plastic drinkware, should you, or shouldn’t you? While some may loathe the idea of sipping from a plastic cup, others sing high praises for its worth and versatility. A seemingly cost-effective and easily accessible product, with many supermarkets stocking them in a number of colours, sizes and designs suited to your preference.

Outdoor events around the world see many attendees flocking in the masses, where glass prove to be a safety hazard, as does a kid’s birthday party. Bars and nightclubs attract crowds barely able to hold their stance, let alone their drink, which makes plastic drinkware the more favourable kind of drinkware.

In addition to parties and bars, homes, offices and restaurants are likely to benefit from them too. Many moms are seen opting for a plastic sippy cup for their toddler, supermarkets stock sets of shot glasses, which, when customized, can make the perfect gift. Branded plastic drinkware can be a means of advertising for your business, creating brand awareness with your desired audience.
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