Getting your design Branding Ready

We want to get your brand out there perfectly and as soon as possible, just as much as you do. This guide explains the in’s and out’s of getting your artwork “Branding Ready”

Do you have vector Artwork?

If so, then please email it to If not, don’t stress. All you need is an image of your logo and we will happily convert it to vector format for you. We’ll ensure your logo looks its best, while ticking all the boxes required for branding. Check out our Artwork Design Packages to see which one best suits your needs (your Account Manager will assist you in the decision). If you have only one, straightforward design or logo that needs to be re-drawn, it will be absolutely free! Please remember to allow additional time for a redraw.


File extensions: .ai, .eps, .pdf, and .cdr

Our preferred artwork format is Vector format (with the above extensions). Vector images are made up of smooth lines separating different parts and different colours in your artwork. Vector images allow us to adjust and scale your logo without it becoming blurry and we’re also then able to adjust certain features, such as colour, in your artwork – where required. This will enable the print on your item to look sharp and defined.


File extensions: .jpeg, .png

Raster images, with the above extensions, are normally photos or scanned images. These images allow more colour detail than Vector images and are made up of tiny blocks called “pixels”. However, pixels are not able to be adjusted or modified like a vector image can be. When Raster images are enlarged, they become blurry and pixilated. For certain branding methods, this will affect the quality and outcome of the printing.


Pantone Colours

Pantone colours form part of the Pantone Matching System (PMS), which is a standard colour matching system, allowing us to refer to a universal colour chart to ensure your logo is printed in the same colours each time. Keep in mind that this is just a guide, as colours will vary depending on the screen it’s being viewed on. Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.


Font Names and Curved Fonts

A font is a specific set of printable text characters of a certain size and style. If you have text in your artwork, please provide us with the name of the font. If you have vector artwork, you can change the text in your artwork from editable text to an object that can’t be edited. This function is available in design programs and is known as “curved fonts”.

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