Custom Branded & Promotional Cooler Bags

The cooler bag has only become “cooler” with time, offering a range of options from your standard cooler bag to an 18 can cooler backpack and a picnic cooler with cutlery.

While the modern-day cooler suited for everyday use is what we’ve become accustomed to, one cannot forget the old-fashioned chest style coolers still in use today.

Promotional cooler bags have become a great alternative to the chest style cooler and makes for a great gift, as well as the added benefit of advertising status it holds.

Cooler bags offer a series of perks in comparison to the chest style cooler. Available in a wide variety of sizes makes the modern cooler bag the favourable option as one does not have to opt for a bulky, heavy cooler.

Custom cooler bags come with a variety of features including carry handles, extra storage for personal belongings and water bottle compartments. Branded cooler bags complement your logo, adding extra coolness to your brand.
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