Custom Branded & Promotional Umbrellas

On warm, summery days when the rays of the sun are at its highest and during the cold wintery weather, we can count on umbrellas to provide us with much-needed shade and shield.

With 6-8 panels of branding space, your target audience will get a glimpse of your brand message on promotional umbrellas. Make umbrellas part of your marketing strategy at sporting events such as golf tournaments, polo events and the J&B Met. Custom umbrellas with your logo at these events will allow your logo to be on constant show for both athletes and spectators.

Not only do umbrellas come in an array of colours, but they come in different types too, ranging from classic umbrellas, beach umbrellas and golf umbrellas to the oversized patio umbrellas as well as mini umbrellas. Custom umbrella printing can be achieved by various branding methods.
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