Backpacks are popular amongst students and working people alike. Used to carry books, personal belongings, food, a storage unit and many more – there’s no doubt the backpack has become a modern day essential.

Choice in terms of backpacks have proven to vary vastly as there are many kinds ranging from small to large, detailed to simplistic designs, printed backpacks to plain and an array of colours to choose from.

Many schools across the globe are easily identified by their custom backpacks, usually by colour and having their logo displayed on the backpack. Embroidered backpacks are therefore a popular branding choice as it is long-lasting, wear and tear resistant and professional looking.

Additionally, backpacks are great for hiking and luggage. Promotional backpacks are excellent for companies conducting business with schools as these could be fantastic giveaways for scholars.

The beauty of a backpack is, you can easily customise it according to your personality and preferences. They make for superb birthday gifts and an excellent choice for the student jetting off to varsity. A good all-round investment, backpacks have a wide variety of uses.

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