Custom Branded & Promotional Gifts for the Home

If you’re a new homeowner you’re more than likely excited to be filling your home with items that will make your house a home. And while the obvious items such as furniture and appliances are a top priority, the character of your home will be in the smaller details.

The less obvious extras such as candles, cushions, coasters and even lighting, we generally don’t pay immediate attention to. These extras are ultimately what adds to completing your home.

Candles and incense are perfect for making your home feel cosy, for you to relax after a long day of work and for practical use when the power is out. Cushions, whether for your couches or bed, are perfect for decorative purposes. They make empty spots look less bare.

Lighting, a crucial element needed throughout the home adds warmth and character. From basic LED lights, to more unique ones that come in brighter forms, for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Be sure to attend home expos where you can pick up some awesome promotional household gifts, or get a sense of what you may need or want. If you’re a family member or friend looking to gift new homeowners with something special, custom home gifts are perfect. You can customise anything from a mug set to a welcome mat.

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  • The 4 Piece Coaster Set Is Made From Leather. The Set Features A Matching Holder And White Contrast Stitching.

    4 Piece Coaster Set

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  • 4 square pieces of slate coasters stacked on top of each other.

    4 Piece Slate Coaster Set

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  • The Bathroom Scale Is Made From Glass. The Features Include A LCD Display And An Automatic Start When Stepping On.

    Bathroom Scale

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  • ABS Plastic Full Colour Print Casablanca Coaster

    Casablanca Coaster



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  • Sale! The Elephant Coasters Is Presented In S Perfectly Sized Box Foil Stamped With A Stunning Finish.

    Elephant Coasters

    R427.79 R227.99
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  • Fill the room with a gorgeous scene with the White Fragranced Candle in Tin. Available in Apple, Orange or Vanilla, and presented in an elegant tin.

    Fragranced Candle In Tin

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  • The Glasses Emoji Cushion Is Super Cool, Super Comfortable And Super Rad. It Is Made Out Of Polyester And It Is Yellow. It Even Has Cool Sunglasses.

    Glasses Emoji Cushion

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  • White Rectangular Good Times Coaster & Bottle Opener

    Good Times Coaster & Bottle Opener



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  • The Hearts On Fire Candle in a metal heart shaped casing with 35g of vanilla scented candle wax

    Hearts On Fire Candle



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  • Sale! The LED Party Light Features A 360 Degree Rotating Mini LED Light Consol. There Are 6 LED's , 2 Blue, 2 Red And 2 Green.

    LED Party Light

    R42.74 R28.49
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  • Light Bulb Shaped LED Light

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  • The Merriment Coaster & Jar Opener displaying showing its anti slip quality and being used a coaster

    Merriment Coaster & Jar Opener

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  • Sale! Perfumed Candle Available In Red

    Perfumed Candle Set In Bucket

    R49.99 R40.49
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  • Push Button Light Available In Silver

    Push Button Light

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  • The Ryis Jasmine And Orange Bath Gift Set contains 1x 250ml body wash, 1x 100ml body lotion and a 1x 30g bath fizzer, the fragrance for all of these lovely items are Jasmine and Orange. This gift set comes in its own nifty presentation box and comes with a Sisal hand loofah.

    Ryis Jasmine And Orange Bath Gift Set

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  • Ryis Peppermint & Rosemary Bath Gift Set displaying the body wash, lotion, hand cream, bath fizzers and a wooden hand brush

    Ryis Peppermint & Rosemary Bath Gift Set

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