Custom Branded & Promotional Chef Jackets, Hats & Domestic Wear

Hospitality uniforms usually set the tone for a business, it is impactful, professional and distinguishable from the competition. The vast amount of advantages to these uniforms include, but is not limited to, highlighting and promoting your brand identity, encourages team spirit and allows employees to feel equal.

The chef hat, also known as the toque is believed to serve as an accessory which allows hair to be kept away from food. Custom chef hats come in varying sizes and the height of the hat determines rank within the kitchen. The higher hats are generally worn by the more advanced chefs while the shorter ones are specifically for junior or apprentice chefs.

When the word “chef” comes to mind, one usually pictures someone in a white buttoned jacket. Chef jackets are universally worn and though it is a means of identifying the person behind the delicious meal we indulge in, there’s more to the jacket than meets the eye. Made from fire resistant cotton, its functionality includes safety for the task at hand.

Interestingly, the wide buttoned flap we notice on the jacket can be reversed in the event of the jacket getting dirty, allowing the chef to get twice as much wear out of one jacket.

Embroidered chef jackets professionally display a company logo or name of the chef, allowing the focus to not distract from the overall appearance of the jacket.

A growing industry and one which will undoubtedly be around for many years to come, with many well-known chefs leaving a legacy behind and big shoes to fill and rising chefs stepping into the culinary industry, we can expect to see more variations in uniforms.

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  • The Apron is a one size fits all cotton twill red protective item. With a large front pocket, centre seam, loop to fit around your neck and strings to tie behind your hand for a comfortable fit


    R104.93 + VAT
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  • The Avallon Chef Beanie is made from 195g/m² 65% polyester, 35% cotton.

    Avallon Chef Beanie

    R44.61 + VAT
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  • The Bistro Apron , Made Up Of Poly Cotton Twill Fabric, Double Front Pocket With Pen Slot, One Size Fits All, Cloth Loop. Colour: Lime Green. Model.

    Bistro Apron

    R89.99 + VAT
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  • The Camilla Tunic has short sleeves and a feminine cut with front princess panels, a cinched waist and side slits in Navy.

    Camilla Tunic

    R125.99 + VAT
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  • The Chef Beanie Is Made From Poly Cotton Fabric, Has An Adjustable Velcro Tab. Colour: Black. Model.

    Chef Beanie

    R55.49 + VAT
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  • The Chef Mushroom Hat , Made From Poly Cotton Fabric, Adjustable Velcro Tab. Colour: Black.

    Chef Mushroom Hat

    R74.99 + VAT
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  • The Chef Neckerchief, Made From Poly Cotton, One Size Fits All. Colour: White.

    Chef Neckerchief

    R44.99 + VAT
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  • The Chef Skull Cap, 190g 80/20 Poly Cotton Fabric, Twin Needle Top Stitching, Mesh Side Panel FOr Cool And Comfortable Long Wear Use. Colour: Lime Black. Model.

    Chef Skull Cap

    R65.99 + VAT
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  • Black Cookout BBQ Apron With Matching Oven Mitt And Cloth Is Perfect For The Braai Masters.

    Cookout BBQ Apron

    R175.53 + VAT
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  • The Deli Cap Is Made From A Cotton Twill, Knife Pleats At Front Of Cap, Peak Front With Hard Fusing, Elasticated Back Rim For Comfortable Fit. Colour: Black. Model.

    Deli Cap

    R44.99 + VAT
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  • Poly Cotton Iris Pinafore With Kangaroo Pockets

    Iris Pinafore

    R149.99 + VAT
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  • Asymmetrical Ivy Tunic With Mandarin Collar

    Ivy Tunic

    R162.74 + VAT
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  • Kelly Tunic With Front Patch Pockets And Tonal Buttons At The Front Centre

    Kelly Tunic

    R97.49 + VAT
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  • Ladies Poly Cotton 3 Piece Set That Includes Dress, Apron And Head Scarf

    Ladies Poly Cotton 3 Piece Set

    R209.99 + VAT
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  • Buttoned Short Sleeve Ladies Poly Cotton House Coat

    Ladies Poly Cotton House Coat

    R172.49 + VAT
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  • The Non Woven Apron, Made Of Polyester, One Pocket, One Size Fits All, Adjustable Neck & Body Ties, Hospitality Industry Fixture. Colour: Yellow.

    Non Woven Apron

    R10.49 + VAT
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