Custom Branded & Promotional Hi-Vis Safety Vests & Workwear

With many dangers such as motor vehicle accidents, fires, construction accidents or a drowning in our midst and the evolving world we find ourselves living where a construction site or development is around every corner, and safety and visibility in these instances are highly important and necessary.

This has therefore further opened a gap in the market for hi-vis and safety gear such as gumboots, safety t-shirts and bibs, construction suits and jackets, waistcoats and safety hard hats.

High-visibility or hi-vis gear is a type of safety reflective gear used across a multitude of industries from mining and construction to emergency services. Generally constructed of a material with protection and safety in mind, ensuring its wearer is shielded against any condition of hazard.
High-visibility vests are ideal for workers as they ensure one can easily identify the wearer. Custom hi-vis vests allows one to identify the worker by industry, firemen for example sport a different kind of gear to a miner and it is therefore identifiable by the kind of gear they are wearing.

Branded hi-vis vests and jackets are perfect to display the name of a site manager to set them apart from the many workers in his team while a printed hi-vis vest better displays a logo.

Safety gear allows us to be vigilant and lowers the risk of danger to both ourselves and the men and woman in service at construction or mining sites, traffic cops, firefighters and the many others in each respective field.
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