Custom Branded & Promotional Long Sleeve Shirts

Whether you’re looking for a laidback shirt for your boys’ night out or something more suitable to wow your date – long sleeve shirts are highly flexible and can be used to pull off both casual and smart casual looks. Its versatility can make a plain, simplistic shirt look as appealing as a printed long sleeve shirt.

The lightweight material long sleeve shirts are comprised of provides the perfect balance between a neither too hot nor too cold kind of shirt, ensuring a comfortable fit during both winter and summer day or night.

It can be featured as a standalone item or you can pair it with a jacket or coat. Embroidered long sleeve shirts classically showcase designs and logos and are perfect items of wear for staff, while custom long sleeve shirts are ideal as an accompanying gift to compliment and complete a gift set. Casual long sleeve shirts pair nicely with tracksuit pants and can be worn around the house or to the gym.
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