Custom Branded & Promotional Sweatshirts, Jerseys & Sweaters

We can greatly appreciate the versatility the clothing industry brings to our everyday lives, with many items of clothing accommodating both our work and casual needs. Sweaters and jerseys prove to be no different and can be utilized for a night out or in, as well as work.

Sweaters and jerseys are favourable items which can be worn on its own or underneath a jacket or coat, making it ideal for both summer and winter. While printed sweaters are perfect for bold, bright designs and prints achieved through the process of sublimation or screen printing while embroidered sweaters elegantly show off simpler designs.

Custom sweaters are ideal for team building, promotional giveaways and casual staff uniforms. Additionally, it makes for a great gift for a friend!

We can however not highlight our love for sweaters and jerseys without making mention of those infamous, traditionally worn Christmas “uglies” in bright or dreary colours and bold designs. Despite being labelled as “ugly”, these sweaters are perceived less derogatory than most think and prove a jersey has an all-year-round purpose.
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