Custom Branded & Personalised Jackets

It’s mid-morning, you’re nestled in your office chair, responding to emails. There’s a sudden cold breeze sweeping through the office and you extend your arms backwards, reach for the one item you know will be helpful in blocking out the cold taking hold of your body. As your arms slip through the sleeves and you pull up the zipper, you almost immediately feel the warm air locking in – once again, your jacket to the rescue!

Jackets are vital, not only in the winter season but for everyday life. It shields us against cold air, enhances an outfit and is available in an array of designs, colours and materials. A custom jacket transforms the overall look. With trends coming and going, printed jackets with bold designs are proving to become more and more of a long-lasting, rather than a seasonal, trend. Embroidered jackets can range from funky designs to more simplistic elements being added to the item.
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