Printed Custom Bucket Hats

We’ve seen fisherman, dancers, safari tour guides and those exploring the wilderness, to name a few wear them but we don’t always know these hats, commonly known as the bucket hat by name.

Its significance to many is often underestimated, despite being somewhat of a staple to some communities. Bucket hats have been around for many years and have grown in both value and use. Its carefully constructed design is purposefully made for the activity it will be used for. Some may have a wider brim for extra protection against the sun, some have metal eyelets for ventilation while others appear casual and suited for everyday use.

Promotional bucket hats are ideal for safari lodges and souvenir stores who wish to leave tourists with a bit of traditional headwear while printed bucket hats pair well with uniforms worn by tour guides and acts as a focus feature compared to the plain outfits generally worn by guides.

Custom bucket hats and white bucket hats (the perfect blank slate) are well suited for Pantsula dancers to showcase their team name and colours at events and competitions or an ideal gift for the avid fisherman to accompany him on a day out in the sun fishing for his catch of the day. Pick any of our plain bucket hats and make your brand dream a reality!
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