Custom Branded & Promotional 5-Panel Caps

The 5-panel cap, also known as the “dad hat”, renowned for its loose-fitting and comfortable form, though regarded as more vintage, is still a widely used cap in today’s society. The tailored structure, namely the fifth panel of the cap is soft and not pre-shaped compared to its successor, the snap back.

The word "panel" simply refers to the crown of the cap, with every cap being made up of two back and two side panels and the fifth being the front single panel, hence the name – 5-panel cap. With its ability to feature either the adjustable metal closure, a velcro strap or the plastic clip-in buttons, it is therefore regarded as a one-size-fits-all cap.

With a rounded brim and a distinctive angle, the 5-panel cap has evolved from a niche item to a necessity which perfectly matches casual attire. The choice of material ranges from wool, fabric and corduroy to name a few – allowing you to sport a custom 5-panel cap according to your personal preference. With embroidery being the favoured form of branding, the overall appearance of the cap is further enriched.
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