Novelty Lanyards are great for Branding

Aug 01, 2015 06:30

The use of lanyards in corporate events and functions has become widespread thanks to their practicality. They are great for identifying your workforce or for attaching badges, and they also offer an interesting corporate branding opportunity. Affordable and fun, Novelty lanyards can be found in a number of different varieties, and at Brandability you have a choice that is second to none. Brandability is the leading corporate gift and branding supplier in South Africa, and offers a choice of items that is nothing short of comprehensive, especially when it comes to lanyards. Where lanyards were once simple items intended for identification purposes, these days they come in a variety of novelty and fun forms as well as a full range of colours. Brandability has amassed a collection of options that covers all the bases, and that can be branded by them with your corporate logo or name. Whether you want to give them away to clients as fun gifts or you need them for an exhibition or event, there is something for you here, and all at excellent prices. Furthermore, Brandability only deals in high quality items, so you are assured of the best. Brandability can supply you with as many or few as you need, and has a range that includes lanyards that double as pens, bottle openers, USB memory sticks and even wine glass holders, as well as many more innovative designs. If you have special requirements they will be more than happy to talk to you about them, and if you want simple basic lanyards they can accommodate you with ease. With excellent prices and a simple online ordering system you can’t go wrong with Brandability, so why not get in touch right away and have a closer look at their lanyards and branding services.
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