Custom Branded & Promotional Stationery

Stationery, an office staple we can’t do without. More so, their use extends far beyond the office. Students at school and varsity require them, they are used at events and shows and in our homes.

The basic stationery we require is writing utensils such as pens, markers and highlighters, books to make notes and paper for copies of documents.

With a wide selection of stationery items, all used in different ways and for different reasons, your brand can benefit from its promotional value by means of branded stationery. If your target audience is students, giveaways at open and career days or at expos can help introduce your brand to them and their parents.

Corporate stationery will help you target potential clients in the corporate sector. Stationery items range from the basics to custom stationery that can be used as thank you or welcome to the team gifts. Whatever your stationery needs, and whoever your target audience, our stationery selection has you covered from A-Z.

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  • The Plastic 15cm Ruler With Protractor Features A Transparent And Magnifying Glass.

    15cm Ruler with Protractor

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  • The 20cm Ruler with Calculator Is A Standard Ruler With A Silver Trim On Each Side And A Silver Inner Area With Calculator.

    20cm Ruler with Calculator

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  • The 56 Piece Art Set consists of colourful pencils, markers, paints and crayons, Open View Layout

    56 Piece Art Set

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  • Sale! The Purple All In Ruler Stationery Set Is Made From Plastic. The Features Include a 30cm Ruler, A HB Pencil, A Mac-Blac Pen, An Eraser And Sharpener.

    All-In Ruler Stationery Set

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  • Orange 30cm plastic ruler

    Altar 30cm Ruler

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  • The Aptitude Stationery Set is comprised of a 600D ball pen that contains black German-manufactured ink, a pencil 16(L) made of Linden Wood, a 15cm ruler and a plastic sharpener as well as a synthetic eraser, this set comes in a multitude of colours.

    Aptitude Stationery Set

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  • The Argo Stapler is made from ABS plastic with a unique rubber grip with a black and white colour

    Argo Stapler

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  • The Basix 15cm Ruler is made from plastic and measures 3cm in width, this ruler comes in many different colours to choose from.

    Basix 15cm Ruler

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  • The Basix 30cm Ruler is made of plastic and measures 4cm in width, available in a lovely splash of different colours.

    Basix 30cm Ruler

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  • The Basix Eraser in Solid White.

    Basix Eraser

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  • The Basix Plastic Sharpener comes in a range of colours to choose from.

    Basix Sharpener

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  • The Plastic Green 30cm Bendy Ruler Has A Flexible Material For Bending.

    Bendy Ruler 30cm

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  • White BIC 15cm Ruler

    BIC® 15cm Ruler

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  • Promotional Full Colour Magnet Boomarks

    Bookmark Magnet

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  • The Calculator And Sticky Memo Set Has A 8 Digit Calculator And 10 Assorted Colour Sticky Memos.

    Calculator And Sticky Memo Set

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  • The Chase A5 Clipboard Folder is a green PVC folder with a flip open cover and a metal clipboard holder

    Chase A5 Clip Board

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