Custom Branded & Promotional Desk Clocks & Alarm Clocks

Before our phones we relied on clocks to tell the time and to be our morning alarm to wake us, today, clocks are still widely used and valued.

Desk clocks, in particular, are great to have, both at home and at the office. Custom desk clocks are available as both the standard clock and as one that makes provision for a picture to be inserted to the adjacent frame, these are great corporate gifts ideas for clients and staff alike.

Promotional desk clocks are available in a variety of colours and shapes that suit both the corporate individual as well as kids who wish to have their own alarm clock in their bedroom. These promotional alarm clocks are multi-purpose, while some have space for pictures and others allow you to store your business cards.

Branded desk clocks are an affordable way to capture the attention of your audience.

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  • The Binary Clock & Frame Is Made From ABS. The Features Include 2 Photo Frame, An Analogue Clock In The Center Fold And 1 LR44 Button Cell Battery.

    Binary Clock & Frame

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  • The Card Holder Clock is a blue plastic clip. Able to hold business cards and has a circular clock display

    Card Holder Clock

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  • The Chronology Clock & Pen Holder features the time, date, temperature and alarm including 1 CR2025 button cell battery.

    Chronology Clock and Pen Holder

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  • The Clock Stationary Holder comes in a silver and black colour and is made with plastic. It has a holder for your stationery and 5 buttons on the clock.

    Clock Stationery Holder

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  • Column LCD Alarm Clock Is Made From Plastic. The Alarm Includes Batteries And Comes In A Gift Box.

    Column LCD Alarm

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  • The Desktop Pen Stand with Alarm Clock has a silver metal and black metal mesh frame and can hold many pens. It is rectangular shaped with curved edges. The clock has a square screen and 3 black buttons.

    Desktop Pen Stand with Alarm Clock

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  • Digital Clock with Pen Holder comes in a black colour and has a curved spiral shape. It is made out of leather and has a clock as well as a place for your pens.

    Digital Clock with Pen Holder

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  • Digital Weather Station

    Digital Weather Station

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  • Elegant Glass Desk Clock

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  • Folding Photo Frame, Clock and Pen Holder Features Include A Foldable Design, Analogue Clock, 2 Photo Frames And Matte Silver Finish.

    Folding Photo Frame, Clock and Pen Holder

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  • The Globe World Clock Is Made From Brushed Metal.The Clock Has 1 x LR44 Button Cell Battery.

    Globetrotter World Clock

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  • Man Shaped Alarm Clock with Memo Holder Is Made With ABS Construction. The Features Include Man Shaped Design And Memo Holder

    Man Shaped Alarm Clock with Memo Holder

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  • The Mini Twin Bell Alarm Clock in the colour orange made from metal.

    Mini Twin Bell Alarm Clock

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  • Sale! Quartz Travel Clock Available In A Variety Of Colours

    Quartz Travel Clock

    R19.99 R14.84
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  • Alarm Clock With Light Available In Silver

    Tower Alarm Clock & Light

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