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  • Adpel Italian Leather Two Fold Business Card Holder in Black

    Adpel Italian Leather Two Fold Business Card Holder

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  • Sale! Back Pack First with bare necessities for any trip.

    Backpack First Aid Kit

    R52.74 R43.43
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  • Budget Passport Holder

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  • Sale! The Bug-Away Insect Repellent is a 10ml plastic spray bottle with cap. Contains insect repellant

    Bug-Away Insect Repellent

    R10.57 R9.96
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  • If you're constantly in a loud environment such as a construction site then the Buzz Earplugs are an incredible choice to protect your hearing.

    Buzz Earplugs

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  • The Coffee Time Mug features a power cord that plugs into the car lighter or USB plug to heat cup contents.

    Coffee Time Mug

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  • The Connexions World Travel Adaptor Charges Notebooks, Smartphones And World Wide Devices.

    Connexions World Travel Adaptor

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  • The Cooling Towel in Case Can Be Activated By Wetting It And Ringing It Out, This Towel Comes in A Plastic Tube. Towel Colour: Pink.

    Cooling Towel in Case

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  • The Cooling Towel In Tube made from polyester & spandex comes in a plastic tube. Quick drying athletic cloth that can be washable and reusable.

    Cooling Towel in Tube

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  • The Digital Luggage Scale Has An On And Off Button, A Wirst Strap And Batteries Included. Colour: Black.

    Digital Luggage Scale

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  • The Disposable Rain Poncho Packet is a transparent emergency and disposable poncho to keep you dry from the wet weather. Comes packaged in a small, pocket sized pouch

    Disposable Rain Poncho

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  • The Foldable Hangers in Pouch Come As A Set Of 2 In A Non-Woven PP Bag. Colour: Black Pouch. Hanger & Bag Display.

    Foldable Hangers in Pouch

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  • The Foldable Luggage Trolley is a black aluminium and ABS luggage trolley with retractable handle and wheels as seen from the side, with adjustable straps to tie down your luggage.

    Foldable Luggage Trolley

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  • The Inflatable Soft Travel Pillow is a PVC inflatable gret pillow with a soft felt surface. Fits comfortable around your neck

    Inflatable Soft Travel Pillow

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  • The Joule Travel Adaptor, all are shown separated out of the case

    Joule Travel Adaptor

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  • Sale! Cyan and white striped travel neck pillow with matching cyan eye mask.

    Kooshty Comfy Travel Set

    R85.49 R80.99
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