Custom Branded & Promotional Tissues & Wet Wipes

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  • The Light Green Bag With 10 Wet Wipes Is Made Using Plastic, Non-Woven. The Features Include A Sealed Plastic Bag With 10 Pieces Of Non Woven Pre Moistened Wipes.

    Bag with 10 Wet Wipes

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  • Crisma Cleaning Tissues With 10 Wipes With A Green Tea Scent

    Crisma Cleaning Tissues

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  • Cube Tissue Box With A Full Colour Print

    Cube Tissue Box

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  • Go-Bac Sanitizing Wet Wipes. The features include convenient anti-bacterial wet wipes.

    Go-Bac Sanitizing Wet Wipes

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  • Klenz Anti Bacterial Wipes

    Klenz Anti Bacterial Wipes

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  • The Matte Finish Wall Mounted Tissue Box Cover Features A Matte Stainless Steel Wall Mountable issue Box Cover. It Is Made Out Of Stainless Steel.

    Matte Finish Wall Mounted Tissue Box Cover

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  • Rectangle Tissue Box

    Rectangle Tissue Box

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  • Tissue Box With 6 Sides

    Tissue Box 6 Sided

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