Custom Branded & Promotional Tool Sets

Why go through the effects of building your tool collection one by one when modern times has availed tool sets to us? Much like multi-tools, tool sets are all-in-one kits we can use at home or on-site.

Tools sets are essential to tradesmen such as electricians, mechanics, handymen, construction workers and plumbers alike. These dependable items are indispensable and a custom tool set can be achieved by means of branding on both the tools and the box as either a personalised gift or to create brand awareness.

Promotional tool sets are lifelong items that will continue to get your brand recognised for years to come. While we may see tool sets being used by tradesmen, we may also see firefighters, hobbyists and outdoor junkies use them.

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  • Sale! The 13 Piece Home Tool Set in Black With Black And Red Tools Open View

    13 Piece Home Tool Set

    R406.99 R397.49
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  • Sale! The 22 Piece Tool Set Features 5 Sockets, 2 Allen Keys, 4.5 mm Long Nose Pliers,10 Screwdriver Bits In A Holder And 2 Precision Tops.

    22 Piece Tool Set

    R179.99 R46.49
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  • Sale! 24pc Toolkit Has 4 Sockets, 9 Screwdriver Bits And An Adapter, Rubber Grip Handle, 6 Screwdrivers, 3 Allen Keys With A 600D Nylon Case.

    24pc Toolkit

    R113.99 R89.99
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  • Sale! The 26 Piece Tool Set Packaged In Silver Metal Case With foam inner and carved to fit inlay. Open View Display Of All 26 Pieces.

    26 Piece Tool Set

    R229.99 R209.99
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  • Sale!

    Auto Multifunctional Emergency Kit

    R185.99 R134.99
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  • The Cordless Screwdriver 4.8V Includes A Screwdriver, 30 Stainless Steel Accessory Bits And 1 x 220V Charger

    Cordless Screwdriver 4.8V

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  • The DIY Tool Box Includes 3 Screwdrivers, Utility Knife, Tape Measure, Pliers, Shifting Spanner And Carry Case.

    DIY Tool Box

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  • The Emergency Auto Tool Kit Is Made From Aluminium Tyre Gauge Featuring A Durable 600D Carry Case With Buckle Closures.The Kit Includes An LED Torch, 10 Gauge, 200 AMP Battery Jumper Cables, 6 Piece Socket Set, Driver Handle, 3 Flathead & 3 Phillips Screwdriver Bits With Red Contrast Stitching.

    Emergency Auto Tool Kit

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  • The Flashlight Toolbox Set features a molded carry case with a clip closure and on/off button.

    Flashlight Toolbox Set

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  • The Mini Screwdriver Tool Set Open to display the case and four screwdriver heads

    Mini Screwdriver Tool Set

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  • The Motorcade Tool Set In Tyre Design With Basic Everyday Tool Needs. Colour: Black.

    Motorcade Tool Set

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  • The Nuts And Bolts Tool Set Is Made From Steel. The Set Includes A Screwdriver Handle, Assorted Bits, Assorted Sockets, An Extension Bar, 4 Precision Screwdrivers, A Torch With A White LED Light.

    Nuts And Bolts Tool Set

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  • The push open tool box in black and has 24 tool pieces

    Push Open Tool Box

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  • 20 Piece Tool Set with black tool box and tools

    Stac 20-Piece Tool Set

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  • The Tool Set Bookcase is a koskin case zip folder with a 31 piece tool kit inside. Open to display the contents of the case - screwdrivers, socket extender, socket nuts, bits, allen keys, tape measure, torch and a stanley knife

    Tool Set Bookcase

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