Custom Branded & Promotional Multi Tools

If you’re looking for a gift worth its weight in gold, multi-tools would be it. What’s not to love about a multi-tool? Multi-tools include a bottle opener, knife, screwdriver, scissors and pliers, amongst other cutting tools.

Not only does this genius invention serve many functions and purposes in one, but it is also a space saver. As one of the world’s most recognised tools, there’s no doubting the promotional value of a multi-tool.

If you’re a crafter, adding a multi-tool to your workshop will allow you to get work done in a quicker time frame, without the hassle of having to look for your tools. And why not enjoy a glass of wine while you’re busy, these tools come standard with a bottle opener anyway.

A custom multi-tool is a thoughtful and generous gift for any tradesman, and much like the Leatherman multi-tool gained significant brand recognition since the inception of multi-tools, with branded multi-tools, your brand can also become recognised by your target audience.
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