Custom Branded & Promotional Flashlights & Torches

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  • XXL 28 LED Metal Torch That Is Very Bright

    28 LED Metal Torch

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  • 44-LED Rechargeable Lamp Has A Rechargeable Battery And A Switch Control With 2 Brightness Levels.

    44-LED Rechargeable Lamp

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  • Blue 9 LED Metal Torch Includes A Black Loop.

    9 LED Metal Torch

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  • 9 LED Torch and Bottle Opener With Wristband

    9 LED Torch and Bottle Opener

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  • The 911 Emergency Light Is Made From ABS Plastic And LED Lights. The Light Has A Safety Belt Cutter, A Break Glass Safely Hammer And Magnets On The Base Of The Tool. 2 AA Batteries Are Included.

    911 Emergency Light

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  • The Alert Safety Light is an emergency safety torch with three light settings: A red static light, a red flashing light as well as a white static light.

    Alert Safety Light

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  • The Double Bean LED Torch Shines Infront Of You And On The Ground.

    Crisma Double Beam LED Torch

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  • The CSI Torch Includes A Pocket Clip And Batteries.

    CSI Torch

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  • The Red Delta Torch Includes A White 9 LED Light 13 000MCD With 3 x AAA Batteries.

    Delta Torch

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  • The Silver Dynamix Torch Is Eco-Friendly And Operates Without Batteries Including An Attached Wrist Strap.

    Dynamix Kinetic Torch

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  • Sale! The Orange Dynamo LED Torch With Radio And Phone Charger Features An LED Flashlight With An Emergency Siren And An Emergency Mobile Phone Charger. The Torch Includes A Handy Radio Function, A Crank And Wrist Strap.

    Dynamo LED Torch with Radio and Phone Charger

    R134.99 R52.49
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  • Dynamo Torch With 2 LED Lights Available In Black

    Dynamo Torch

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  • The Flashlight Torch with Magnet is a sleek multi-functional torch with a handy magnet that comes complete in a white box.

    Flashlight Torch with Magnet

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  • The Forza Flashlight and Bottle Opener is phenomenal tool to keep handy at all times. It contains an LED flashlight, a bottle opener and a magnet.

    Forza Flashlight and Bottle Opener

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  • The Black Kappa Torch Is Perfect To Not Get Caught In The Dark.

    Kappa Torch

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  • Long LED Flashlight With Aluminium Body And Textured Body For Extra Grip

    Long LED Flashlight

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