Custom Branded & Promotional Fleece Picnic Blankets & Picnic Items

Picnic blankets are nearly as great as picnics themselves, and though its name suggests they are specifically intended for picnic purposes, we love how versatile these blankets are.

Picnic blankets are great for outdoor concerts and events, you can use it for camping and for personal use at home. When we think picnic blankets, we’re accustomed to the classic checkered blanket they’ve become known for, however, they’ve come a long way since.

You can now find a variety of picnic blankets in size, colour and shape to suit your needs and preferences. Ever sat down on a blanket only to find the dampness of the grass has your behind wet? Thanks to the waterproof lining on some picnic blankets, you can safely sit down without having to worry about damp grass making things unpleasant for you.

What’s more to love about picnic blankets? You don’t have to worry about a weighted blanket taking up unnecessary space, some you’re able to roll up into a bag while others can be folded small enough to fit into your handbag - yes, that’s possible.

With a number of events taking place all year round, from outdoor picnics to concerts and shows, your brand can earn bragging rights with branded picnic blankets and picnic items such as food containers and sun shelters.
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