Custom Branded & Promotional Plates, Bowls & Dishes

When having guests over for dinner or to enjoy a relaxed evening watching the soccer, you’ll pull out plates and bowls to serve them a meal or snacks. And when patrons visit your restaurant, you need to ensure you have the necessary serving dishes to serve up their food. With our selection of plates and bowls, we make sure you avail the best to your guests.

Although a common colour, white makes a branded plate pop, allowing your logo to be the standout feature on plates next to the food you serve to your guests. Corporate plates, custom dinner plates and bowls and dishes are spotted at events ranging from weddings, conferences, product launches and casual get-togethers. Hotels are also known to house branded serving dishes for guests to enjoy their meals.

The corporate and events industry benefits greatly from the promotional value these plates and dishes offer.

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  • 1 Litre Bamboo Tupperware

    R85.50 + VAT
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  • 3 piece storage set made from glass and bamboo. Set includes three identical jars with bamboo insulated lids and comes in a bamboo stand for easy storage

    3-Piece Storage Jars & Stand

    R230.63 + VAT
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  • The 700ml Bamboo Tupperware is a square shape container, made from 65% bamboo fiber, 15% corn powder, 20% melamine and wood lid

    700ml Bamboo Tupperware

    R72.00 + VAT
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  • The Andy Cartwright At Your Service Dish Platter to display how to use the serving dish

    Andy Cartwright ‘At Your Service’ Dish & Platter

    R242.95 + VAT
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  • South African flag printed on a rectangular glass cutting board

    Andy Cartwright ‘I Am South African’ Glass Serving Board

    R78.46 + VAT
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  • Black and white African tribal art in the shape of Africa on a serving board made from tempered glass in a rectangular shape.

    Andy Cartwright ‘I Am African’ Glass Serving Board

    R78.46 + VAT
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  • The Andy Cartwright Geo Salad Set that shows the procelain bowl and acacia wood salad claws

    Andy Cartwright Geo Salad Set

    R453.36 + VAT
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  • Sale! African princess with african tribal artwork in black and white with some colour on the dress of the african woman, printed on a glass board

    Andy Cartwright Miss Smarty Pants Glass Serving Board

    R75.80 R56.99 + VAT
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  • Sale! Rectangular glass board with two figurine shapes on it of a woman and man hugging.

    Andy Cartwright Mr & Mrs Smarty Pants Glass Serving Board

    R74.99 R56.99 + VAT
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  • Sale! The Andy Cartwright Mr Smarty Pants - Serving Set is a wooden serving board with a tempered glass surface and a handle in the shape of a mans head

    Andy Cartwright Mr. Smarty Pants Serving Board

    R229.49 R185.24 + VAT
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  • The Classic Glass Candy Jar is a plastic jar with a circular stainless steel screw on lid with two flat bases for easy display

    Classic Glass Candy Jar



    Click to find out more information.

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  • Sale! The Elephant Condiment Dish Has Its Own Unique Style. The Dish Is Made From Zinc And Nickel Alloy.

    Elephant Condiment Dish

    R185.24 R170.99 + VAT
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  • Sale! The Poykie Ceramic Pot With a silicone cover, in black is very versatile and can be used for anything. Made from ceramic and silicone, packed inside a giftbox.

    Poykie Ceramic Pot With Silicone Cover

    R142.49R149.99 + VAT
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