Deemed the most important part of a house, bathrooms are more than just the room where we start and end our day. While it’s the common space where we neatly hang our towels once we step out the shower or the place where we get to place our toothbrush and toothpaste next to the tap, it’s also our space to freshen up. It’s where we go to relax and unwind in a hot bath after a long day’s work.

With so much time spent in this space, dressing your bathroom space with the right accessories is crucial. The elements you add will essentially fit your preference and personality, but which accessories would be a necessity, and which will add an element of uniqueness to this space?

Bathroom scales have become quite popular, they allow us to easily weigh ourselves before we step into the shower or get into the bath. Towels are a bathroom need, you can customise yours and make it unique to your family by adding your names or family nicknames to them. If you’re a DIY fan, you can indulge in DIY spa days with bathroom robes and slippers spas use.
What’s not to love about bathrooms, it’s our space that allows us to escape and to find inspiration and ideas.

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