Custom Branded & Promotional Plastic Drinkware

Plastic drinkware, should you, or shouldn’t you? While some may loathe the idea of sipping from a plastic cup, others sing high praises for its worth and versatility. A seemingly cost-effective and easily accessible product, with many supermarkets stocking them in a number of colours, sizes and designs suited to your preference.

Outdoor events around the world see many attendees flocking in the masses, where glass prove to be a safety hazard, as does a kid’s birthday party. Bars and nightclubs attract crowds barely able to hold their stance, let alone their drink, which makes plastic drinkware the more favourable kind of drinkware.

In addition to parties and bars, homes, offices and restaurants are likely to benefit from them too. Many moms are seen opting for a plastic sippy cup for their toddler, supermarkets stock sets of shot glasses, which, when customized, can make the perfect gift. Branded plastic drinkware can be a means of advertising for your business, creating brand awareness with your desired audience.

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  • The Cobalt 2 In 1 Plastic Mug Has A 350ML Inner Mug And 370ml Outer Mug With A Lid That Contains A Small Opening For Drinking.

    2 in 1 Plastic Mug

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  • 220ml Foldable Cup with Pill Holder and Carabiner Clip unfolded in red

    220ml Foldable Cup with Pill Holder and Carabiner Clip

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  • The 350ml Plastic Teardrop Design Tumbler in white with a clear plastic lid. Tear drop design

    350ml Plastic Teardrop Design Tumbler

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  • The Pink 520ml Plastic Mug With Lid Features Include A PP Mug.

    520ml Plastic Mug with Lid

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  • The 600ml Shaker with Stainless Steel Ball Is The Ultimate Tool For Pre And Post Workout Protein Shakes, Clear Exterior.

    600ml Shaker with Stainless Steel Ball

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  • The 600ml Shaker With Two Bottom Compartments, Black Lid, Compartment And Shaker With Clear Compartment And Shaker Body

    600ml Shaker With Two Bottom Compartments

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  • The Black Dual Compartment Breakfast Mug With Spoon Is Made Using Plastic. The Features Include A Breakfast Mug, Has A Separate Compartment On The Top, A Matching Spoon And A Capacity Of 450ml.

    Dual Compartment Breakfast Mug with Spoon

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  • Fire & Ice 2-In-1 Tumbler silver with two lids

    Fire & Ice 2-In-1 Tumbler

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  • The Freeze Gel Beer Mug Is Made From pp Construction.The Mug Features A Double Wall Beer Mug With A Freeze Gel Inside And A Curved Handle.

    Freeze Gel Beer Mug

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  • Gelato Drinking Cup & Straw With White Lid and Flamingo Illustrations

    Gelato Drinking Cup & Straw

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  • The Geometrix Tumbler Is Simple Yet Trendy,The Tumbler Features A Wide Screw Open Lid Making It Easy To Fill And Clean With A Unique Push Open Spout.

    Geometrix Tumbler

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  • The Jug With 4 Cups is a plastic drinkware set that has 4 cups and can fit into the 1L jug for easy storage

    Jug With 4 Cups

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  • The Laguna Tumbler in Red

    Laguna Tumbler

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  • Sale! The 320ml Mr And Mrs Smarty Pants Tumbler, comes in a variety of different colours to choose from, perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle on the go, as well as being eco friendly - What more could you want in a tumbler!

    Mr And Mrs Smarty Pants Tumbler – 320ml

    R104.61 R94.49
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  • Plastic Protein Shaker Available In A Variety Of Colours

    Protein Shaker

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  • The Pale Green Salad Shaker With Salad Dressing Container And Fork Is Made From Plastic. The Features Include A Frosted Plastic Salad Shaker With A 900ml Capacity, A Plastic Fork And A Salad Dressing Container With Approximately 100ml Capacity.

    Salad Shaker with Salad Dressing Container and Fork

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