Custom Branded & Promotional Steel Straws

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. A mantra by which many conservationists on a quest to save the planet live by. The long-term effect of plastic on our environment has had many consider alternatives to reduce waste. A reusable steel straw is one such alternative and has become favourable for obvious reasons.

Steel straws offer countless benefits to the environment, our health and our future. Their aesthetic appeal also suits the modern-day culture and trend.
Further to being environmentally friendly, steel straws have a longer lifespan than plastic, and while restaurants and coffee shops arguably benefit most from its use – custom steel straws can be added to your cutlery collection for home use.

Engraved stainless steel straws serve as a thoughtful gift, but also allows your brand the opportunity to create awareness and carry a message across to your audience.

While the use of alternatives may not make an overnight difference, the key to change is taking the necessary steps even in the smallest ways. Getting involved in the movement to reduce and alleviate the use of plastic by distributing promotional stainless steel straws to the public, has benefits our environment can reap in the long run.
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