Custom Branded & Promotional Mug With Spoon

You’re either one of two people, the kind who prefers your spoon in the mug or the kind who takes it out after you’ve made your coffee. For those who prefer their spoon in the mug, you may become annoyed by displeasure of having it move about while you’re peacefully try to enjoy your coffee.
Modern times have allowed for more and more innovative inventions, and we sure do appreciate the convenience some of them provide. One such invention has been the mug and spoon, basically, a mug which makes provision for a spoon to be held within the handle – perfect for those who prefer to have their spoon within reach.
The mug and spoon can be utilized at home, at the office or even at a restaurant. If you have coffee loving staff or your family enjoys several cups a day – you can save time on multiple washes. Custom mugs with spoons are ideal for restaurants to show off their brand to customers.
This innovative invention will allow you to sit back, relax and not fall into a panic-stricken mode trying to find the lost spoon.
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