Custom Branded & Promotional Sports Bibs & Race Bibs

Ever attended a netball game and wondered why each player wears a sports bib with random letters such as WD or GA on either the front or back? No, those are not their initials, instead, it’s a representation of the position each player plays.

Now that we’ve cleared that mystery up, let’s address the all-important custom sports bib these athletes make use of during matches. Some may view these as unnecessary and not nearly as useful and could go as far as saying, why not just display each position on their uniform rather than a printed bib. Sport is often unpredictable, be it in terms of the game plan or even the players themselves. You may one day find a player playing one position and the next they have taken up a different position within a team – this, therefore, makes bibs as versatile as the player themselves, getting a position printed on an actual uniform doesn’t seem as practical now, does it? Since bibs are worn over a uniform, the print on printed sports bibs can, therefore, be big enough for a referee to identify the position in the event of a player getting penalized.

Netball has however not been the only sporting activity to benefit from bibs, the race bib has proven to be equally popular, generally a simple piece of fabric used to display individual race numbers while custom race bibs showcase more detail like sponsors, notable on the kind athletes wear at major sporting events. In addition to on the day use, sports bibs can also be used for training purposes.
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