Custom Branded & Promotional Tank Tops & Vests

Vests or tank tops are sleeveless shirts which are ideal for both gym and casual wear. Prior to the 1920’s, it was not common for men and women to expose their upper extremities and just as we’ve seen everything else evolve with time, so has style preferences.

Vests serve as the perfect summer throw-on, allowing you to feel cool and refreshed on warm days. With the clothing industry becoming more and more modern and accommodating to the younger generation, tank tops are to be found in many forms and styles.

Tank tops can be found in different materials, each being composed for varying purposes including the likes of gymming. Printed vests often display bold designs and lavish colours and are commonly worn as everyday shirts.
Embroidered vests are notable amongst a variety of sporting teams including netball where it simplistically highlights a players’ position and name.

Promotional and custom vests are impactful and an ideal way to promote a brand to the public by means of sponsoring sports team or issuing vests as giveaways.
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