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There’s no arguing t-shirts are one of, if not the most common, clothing staple worldwide with each of us having at least a handful of them in our cupboards.

What we commonly know as the t-shirt today dates back many centuries when the modern trending “onesie” was separated into two, allowing the t-shirt to come into existence.

With its name deriving from the shape of its outline, this seemingly undervalued and uninteresting item of clothing has become somewhat of a promotional hit and proves to be the cream of the crop in terms of comfort.

The very first promotional t-shirt was printed in 1939 for The Wizard Of Oz and has since gained popularity and success across a multitude of industries with custom t-shirts famously sporting text or quotes in nearly every country and city across the globe.

Branded t-shirts are known to famously display logos or pop culture trends and have been favoured by many artists for the ways in which it sells to their loyal followers, giving rise to custom t-shirt printing and the benefits it brings to the promotional market.

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