Custom Branded & Promotional Zip Pullers & Shoelaces

Shoelaces and zip pullers are generally not given an immediate thought when one thinks of clothing accessories yet prove to serve a vital purpose.

Imagine your sneakers without laces, this would not only look odd, but we would not feel complete without these tiny necessities.

We have witnessed many popular brands apply their logos to custom zipper pullers and custom printed shoelaces, thus making them ideal brandable and promotional accessories.

Promotional zip pullers are the perfect choice of accessory for a sports bag, not only making accessibility easier but also providing you with a chance to showcase your brand. With a lucrative industry to market through, sports provide promotional capabilities far beyond our imagination.

Custom logo zip pullers are additionally appealing on clothing items and can attract immediate attention.

Though small, the purpose and use of these accessories are unlimited and can provide branding appeal to any industry.
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