Custom Branded & Promotional Trucker Caps

The trucker cap, also known as the “gimme cap” is widely known and recognizable for its meshed back. Historically used as a giveaway to farmers and truck drivers, the cap is still popular in modern times and has been worn by many celebrities as fashion accessories, thus, additionally making it a ‘fashionable wear”.

Structurally similar to the baseball cap with a curved front, yet also having a higher profile and an adjustable strap or hook and loop closure, makes the trucker cap a one-size-fits-all.

Primarily designed for comfort purposes, the meshed back allows for coolness on hot days. Custom trucker caps are ideal for you on the road and on the go drivers. Highly versatile in terms of branding, embroidered trucker caps provide an old-school finish to the old school kind cap it is known to be, while custom mesh caps with other forms of branding are more appealing.
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