Custom Branded & Promotional Backpacks

The term backpack by definition refers to “a load carried on the back”, these include school backpacks, adventure backpacks suited for hiking and outdoor activities, drawstrings bags as well as laptop and picnic backpacks.

Thanks to the versatility of the all-inclusive term “backpack”, travelling and carrying goods has been made easier and safer. The promotional backpack is used across a multitude of industries, can vary from embroidered backpacks, a stylish method of print which adds a touch of personality to a product, through to custom backpacks, often unique in appearance and found to serve varying purposes.

Printed backpacks are popular in the sense that options are endless. We find the assortment of logos and names in addition to the types of varying print methods used to give printed backpacks a splash of character, different, with an added element of fun and funk.

Backpacks, in all its forms, are proving to be a popular buy for many purposes.

A handful of clients we've worked with:

Astral Pharma
Paper plane

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