What’s Trending in 2019?

What's trending is a question commonly asked and we bring all the latest trends to you in this post

What’s trending – a commonly asked question and a subject extensively researched to bring the latest and best products, topics and concepts to society. While some trends are rising in popularity or making a comeback, others are slowly fading away. Up the ante and allow your brand to gain some street and online credit with the trends listed below.

Less is more
The less is more concept encourages simplistic living to increase efficiency and becoming more organised. Less clutter and distraction promote a sense of flow and helps deliver maximum impact.

More than a logo
Promotional items and clothing are perfect for showcasing your logo. And while this helps create brand awareness, the addition of beyond the logo messages have proven to be a trend that further elevates your brand message and increases your reach.

Metallic and matte
The shimmer and shine in rose gold and silver exudes radiance and adds a chic and sophisticated element to an item or design. On the other end of the colour spectrum, a matte finish screams “I mean business”. Both trends have steadily been gaining traction within the promotional niche and we figure they won’t die down anytime soon.

Personalised desk calendars
Calendars are highly useful in our daily lives. Keeping track of appointments, deadlines and events are a few ways in which it helps us organise and plan more effectively. Desk calendars will help increase productivity and adding a personalized message make them all the more meaningful for employees.

Viral content
Viral content, whether an image or information is always one click away from either being a topic up for discussion or a meme for public amusement. Brands are now joining in the conversation and utilising viral content as part of their social media strategy.

Employee welcome kits
Welcoming new employees with a kit to kick-start their journey with your company has become a growing trend. These kits usually consist of a notebook, pen, a personalised card and a small treat; and serve a warm welcome, making them feel part of the team.

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