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About This Blog

Yes, Brandability sells promotional products – I guess by now you already know that. But what if I told you that we’re actually a customer service company and we decided on promotional gifts and clothing as a way for us to show the world how crazy we are about turning clients into raving fans.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and we’re proud of the fact that at the time of starting this Blog, we’re the only Corporate Gifts Company in South Africa to accumulate over 70 independent online reviews on www.trustedcompany.com.

Yes, we’ll write about promotional items, industry-related subjects, branded clothing and ideas to wow your customers, however the real reason for this blog is to share with you our views and experience in customer service. We aim to bring you new and fresh ideas on what we feel are important aspects of building long term relationships and turning customers into raving fans.

So check back often and share your thoughts with us – we promise we won’t bite, maybe just a little nibble now and then…

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Why Branding Is Important

Why Branding Is Important

What is a brand without branding? Nothing. What is a brand with branding? Everything. While conducting research on the significance and relevance of branding, I decided to put the theory to test. If you look at the below image, it is almost impossible to imagine any...
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