Custom Branded & Promotional Lanyards

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  • The 20mm Satin Lanyard Has A Soft Touch That Will Not Chafe In Your Neck. The Lanyard Is Locally Manufactured.

    20mm Satin Lanyard

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  • The 20mm Stitch Border Petersham Lanyard Has A Stitched Border For A Different Look And A Much Stronger Construction.

    20mm Stitch Border Petersham Lanyard

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  • The Bamboo Lanyard Is Made From Bamboo Fibre.

    Bamboo Lanyard with snap

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  • The Black Basix Lanyard Is Made From Polyester. The Lanyard Features A Lobster Hook And A Velcro Safety Closure.

    Basix Lanyard

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  • White Polyester Bold Statement Lanyard With Domed Sticker

    Bold Statement Lanyard

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  • The Breakaway Lanyard is a pink 2cm petersham lanyard with breakaway safety clip

    Breakaway Lanyard

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  • The Green Candystripe Lanyard Is Made From Polyester. The Lanyard Comes With A Lobster Hook And A Recessed Plaque.

    Candystripe Lanyard



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  • Colour-Max Keyholder with a Satin Finish that can be full colour sublimated. Comes with a Snap Hook Clip.

    Colour-Max Keyholder – Satin Finish

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  • Colour-Max Lanyard with a Satin Finish and somes with a Snap Hook, Lobster Claw Clip or Bulldog Clip

    Colour-Max Lanyard – Satin Finish

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  • The Colourquad Pen With Branded Lanyard Is Made From Petersham & Plastic.

    Colourquad Pen Lanyard Branded One Colour

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  • Polyester Country Flag Lanyards

    Country Flag Lanyard

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  • The Domed Petersham Lanyard Is Made From Petersham. The Lanyard Features A Buckle With A Spot For A Dome Sticker.

    Domed Petersham Lanyard

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  • The Domed Zip Lanyard Is Made From Plastic. The Lanyard Features A Snap Hook, Cellphone Hook And A Zip Puller.

    Domed Zip Lanyard

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  • Lime Striped Polyester Fresh Lanyard With Sliding Disk For Dome Sticker

    Fresh Lanyard

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  • The Jellybean Lanyard Is Made From Plastic. The Lanyard Comes With A Swivel Clip.

    Jellybean Lanyard

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  • The Kaleidoscope Petersham Lanyard is made from petersham material and has a bulldog clip in silver

    Kaleidoscope Petersham Lanyard

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