Custom Branded & Promotional Sports & Gym Towels

What’s a workout without some sweat? It’s indicative that you’re burning energy, but we all know as good as this is, sweat can be a nuisance. Gym and sport towels are great for keeping sweat to a minimum, both during and after a workout.

Did you know rally towels have been used as a marketing tool by sports teams for many years? Ever noticed how mid-game a player would use a custom rally towel that is branded with their team name and in the team colour to either dry a ball or to wipe their faces? And did you notice how after using or after the game they toss these towels to raving fans? For some fans, this is better than getting their favourite player’s autograph.

How can your business use custom sport towels as promotional items? With many fitness events that take place in communities, both small and large, you can get behind these initiatives and sponsor some custom printed rally towels that showcase your brand message to potential clients. If you’re a gym owner looking to get members to sign up, branded towels is a great way to market to potential clients or as welcome gifts for both new and old members.

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