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Sport and fitness play an integral part of society. With many fans worldwide, both the game and the players have become major interests and topics of discussion in the news, on social media and amongst supporters.

We’ve also seen a rise in people opting to invest in their physical wellbeing by joining a gym or fitness-related programs. For both sport and fitness, you need the appropriate attire. The correct shorts, shirts, socks, shoes and accessories such as towels or sweatbands.

With our selection of sport and fitness goods, you can get geared up for the gym, sports practice or your at-home workout session. If you’re planning a Saturday braai and social with friends to watch your favourite team play, our soccer and rugby balls will make great entertainment.

If you’re into sports and fitness, you’d know hydration is key! For a wide range of bottles that’ll satisfy your thirst, you can check out our selection of bottles.

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  • Sale! Active-Zone Sweatband With Chemical-Free Cooling Effect

    Active-Zone Sweatband

    R17.99 R16.19
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  • Sale! Bluetooth Speaker Bottle Set With Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Microfiber Towel And 500ml Water Bottle

    Bluetooth Speaker Bottle Set

    R191.40 R171.00
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  • Sale! The Circuit Fitness Jotter made from PU with 34 pages

    Circuit Fitness Jotter

    R7.49 R6.74
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  • Sale! The Endurance Sliding Discs are two black discs with a non-woven drawstring pouch

    Endurance Sliding Discs

    R61.83 R47.24
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  • Sale! The Flexie Resistance Arm Band has red grips and a grey band

    Flexie Resistance Arm Band

    R18.48 R16.19
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  • Sale! The Health Kick Nutrition Journal Has 70 Pages And A Paper Coated Grey board.

    Health Kick Nutrition Journal

    R7.49 R6.74
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  • Sale! The Interval Nutrition Jotter With An Elastic Closure.

    Interval Fitness And Nutrition Jotter

    R7.11 R6.74
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  • Sale! The Interval Running Pouch in black, made from lycra & ABS material and is ideal for your phone, keys, trail mix and cash.

    Interval Running Pouch

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  • Sale! Kooshty Kork Yoga Block Made From 100% Cork

    Kooshty Kork Yoga Block

    R142.49 R121.49
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  • Sale! The Kooshty Kork Yoga Mat is a 100% natural and biodegradable cork mat with a carry strap

    Kooshty Kork Yoga Mat

    R384.74 R337.49
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  • Sale! Lodestar Active Armband Light. The features include an adjustable armband with light and reflector, providing security for runners in low-light environments.

    Lodestar Active Armband Light

    R28.49 R22.94
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  • Sale! Race Day Athletes Waistband. It is made using Nylon Lycra. The features include a sleek low profile designed waist band that features a fully adjustable stretch band with snap buckle closure.

    Race Day Running Pouch

    R40.16 R36.44
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