Custom Branded & Promotional Screen Cleaners & Wipes

Our phones sustain daily wear and tear, get dirty by us constantly touching them and the build-up of dirt requires cleaning from time to time. How to clean an iPhone screen you may wonder? The cloth you’ve just wet – stop, put it down. Screen cleaners and wipes are specially made to clean our phone and PC/laptop screens. They differ vastly from regular cloths and wipes.

Microfiber screen cleaners, much like the kind that comes standard with eyewear is a delicate cloth used to wipe screens. They can be used on their own or directly after a screen has been cleaned with screen wipes.

As giveaways and gifts, branded screen cleaners and branded screen wipes will have your audience sporting glossy screens. Promotional screen cleaners can also be used as an added incentive as part of a tech-focused product launch. Make custom screen cleaners part of your client or friends’ and family gifting itinerary this year.

A handful of clients we've worked with:

Astral Pharma
Paper plane

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