Custom Branded & Promotional Highlighters

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  • The Artifiy Wax Highlighter is a set of 5 brightly coloured highlighters in a clear protective case with a black base. Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue with removable caps in matching colour

    Artify Wax Highlighter Set

    R33.58 + VAT
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  • Aura Highlighter Set Including 5 Mini Highlighters With A PP Case.

    Aura Highlighter Set

    R21.96 + VAT
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  • Big 5 Pen, Pencil & Highlighter Set in Pink

    Big 5 Pen Pencil & Highlighter Set

    R22.86 + VAT
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  • The Brightside Wax Highlighter set has smear protection across ink-jet printouts. the set never dries out even when left uncapped.

    Brightside Wax Highlighter Set



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  • The Doubleheader Highlighter is a white plastic highlighter with different colour nibs on either side and protective caps for each.

    Doubleheader Highlighter

    R8.27 + VAT
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  • The My-Mark Mini Permanent Marker is an ABS marker with a removable lid and metal attachment ring, a felt-tip nib and contains black ink

    My-Mark Mini Permanent Marker

    R4.64 + VAT
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  • The Persona Highlighter is an ABS highlighter in the shape of a person, with five brightly coloured removable caps and radiant colour nibs

    Persona Highlighter

    R24.40 + VAT
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  • The Splash Highlighter is a plastic highlighter with five brightly coloured tips and matching colour removable caps

    Splash Highlighter

    R14.75 + VAT
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  • Syringe Highlighter With Pink Ink And Scale Marking On The Side Of The Clear Body.

    Syringe Highlighter

    R5.22 + VAT
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  • Triangular Shaped Highlighter Features Includes A 3 In 1 Triangular Shaped Design And 3 Colourful Highlighters. It Is Available In White.

    Triangular Shaped Highlighter

    R9.87 + VAT
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  • The Wax Highlighter Set is a plain white plastic base that houses three plastic wax highlighters, each with a brightly coloured removable cap and smudge free wax

    Wax Highlighter Set in Stand

    R13.50 + VAT
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  • Heart Highlighter In The Shape Of A Heart With A Pink, Green And Yellow Chisel Tip Highlighter With Matching Caps.

    Heart Highlighter



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