Custom Branded & Promotional Whiteboards

We’ve seen the big ones our teachers used to use for lessons in classes, the white dry erase board. Some offices use them for sales or tracking purposes. Homeowners use them to list chores or to note down the grocery list for the week.

The small scale white boards have proven to be as popular and useful as the large white boards mentioned above. Particularly useful to students for studying purposes. Printed white boards are great for displaying specials at coffee shops and is a super alternative to chalkboards.

For art enthusiasts, if you’re looking to try something other than paper and pastel, a custom white board with marker would perfectly display your art. Wite boards are especially great for young kids, not only will it allow you to save on paper but you don’t have to stress about the kids getting pen marks on the walls or furniture.

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  • The Fridge Magnetic Board & Marker is a white rectangular whiteboard with a red trim and plastic marker with felt tip eraser and matching red tip and removable cap with a magnetic strip

    Fridge Magnetic Board & Marker

    R7.20 excl.
    R8.28 incl.
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  • LCD Sketch Tablet

    R90.00 excl.
    R103.50 incl.
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Paper plane

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