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How do we tell the hours and days apart? With time, of course! Time allows us to keep track. Whether you’re looking to count down the hours until your workday is finished or having to keep track of the times you’ve booked your appointments.

Modern times allows us to use our phones for practically any and everything. And while we are tech and electronic bound beings, there are a few items we still cherish – wall clocks may bring back many memories for us. Seeing a custom wall clock displayed in our grandparents or parents home, some of us may have used those clocks to learn how to tell time.

Further to being popular in homes, corporate wall clocks are frequently displayed in offices, and some may deem it an office necessity.

If you’re an estate agent who just sold a home and you’re looking to further wow your client with a gift, have you considered a promotional wall clock? It’s different and thoughtful, and a gift your client will appreciate.

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  • the Antique 40cm Wall Clock is a brown plastic wall clock with a large circulare display and antique style arms

    Antique 40cm Wall Clock

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  • The Art Deco Wall Clock is made from plastic and comes with Eveready batteries.

    Art Deco Wall Clock

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  • Classic 30cm Wall Clock

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  • The Frosted 25cm Wall Clock Is Made From Plastic. The Black And White Clock Includes Batteries.

    Frosted Wall Clock

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  • Hanging Wall Clock Features Includes A Adjustable Dial, A Solid Body Colour And Removable Paper Clock Face.

    Hanging Wall Clock

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  • The Historic 45cm Wall Clock Features A Brown Plastic Wall Clock And It Includes Eveready Batteries. It Is Packaged In A Gift Box.

    Historic Wall Clock

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  • The Metal 30cm Wall Clock Is Made Out Of Aluminium And It Is Silver. It Includes Eveready Batteries. It Is Packaged In A Gift Box.

    Metal Wall Clock

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