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Every year companies have thousands of custom calendars printed. They go up on the walls in homes, offices, retail outlets, doctors offices as well as classrooms to name but a few.

Why are custom calendars popular and what value is there in a custom promotional calendar? More often than not, an item as popular as a calendar is overlooked and their value is undermined.

Consider the following for a moment, with so many calendars distributed and displayed in homes and the spaces we, our clients and prospects occupy, it opens a door to your brand getting recognised daily by hundreds and thousands of people at a minimum once-off fee.

Salons and spas countrywide make use of calendars when booking appointments, thus making corporate calendars the perfect promotional tool for your business.

If you’re looking to add something extra to your thank you package to clients, save them time from having to get calendars printed for the new year by adding a branded calendar. Not only does this say thank you for your business, but it is also a welcome-to-the-new-year gift.

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