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The office is more than just a place we frequent 9-5, Monday to Friday, it’s our second home. It’s where we interact with our colleagues and our clients. It is where friendships and bonds are formed. The office space is where we invite clients for meetings and potential business deals.

The addition of office accessories helps make our office space as cosy and as welcoming as possible for both staff and guests. Wall calendars are more than just a way to keep track of important dates, it adds character to an otherwise empty and boring wall.

Whiteboards are perfect for reminders and sales targets, while wall clocks allow us to count down the hours. If your company or team partake in competitions, a display cabinet for trophies and awards works well.

Desktop items like stationery is a need for every desk. From pens to notepads and picture frames. With many offices deeming these basic office items a need, they carry great promotional value. Promotional stationery and custom office items, therefore, make great giveaways and gifts.

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  • The 10cm x 15cm Aluminium Photo Frame Has A Brushed Aluminium Finish And A Plastic Easel Back.

    10cm x 15cm Aluminium Photo Frame

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  • The 12 LED Desk Light Features An Adjustable Head, Curved Rubber Grip, 2 Tone Design, An ON/OFF Button And 3 AA Batteries Included.

    12 LED Desk Light

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  • The 12 Piece Felt Tip Pen Set In Zippered Pouch Features 12 Small Plastic Felt Trip Pens Packaged In A 70D Polyester Zippered Pouch With A Plastic Pouch Clip Attached.

    12 Piece Felt Tip Pen Set in Zippered Pouch

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  • A small rectangular clear 15cm PVC Pencil Case

    15cm PVC Pencil Case

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  • The Plastic 15cm Ruler With Protractor Features A Transparent And Magnifying Glass.

    15cm Ruler with Protractor

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  • 8GB Laser Pen USB

    16GB Laser Pen USB

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  • The Blue 2 In 1 Stylus Ballpoint Pen And Ruler Has A 10cm Ruler, Blue Ink Pen And The Capacitive Stylus Works With iPad,iPhone And Other Touchscreen Devices.

    2 in 1 Stylus Ballpoint Pen and Ruler

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  • Sale! The 2.3 Liter Desktop Water Dispenser Is Made From PP. The Dispenser Has A White Base,Transparent Ringed Barrel And A Silicone Hose Inside Tap.

    2.3 Liter Desktop Water Dispenser

    R130.49 R127.49
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  • The 3 In 1 Ballpoint Pen With Stylus And Phone Stand Has A Plastic Ballpoint Pen, Wide Clip Phone Holder, Capacitive Stylus, Solid Colour Barrel, Silver Tip And Blue Ink.

    3 in 1 Ballpoint Pen with Stylus and Phone Stand

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  • 3.5 Litre Collapsible Water Dispenser

    3.5 Litre Collapsible Water Dispenser

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  • The 30cm Pencil Case is an all red 600D pencil case with a main zip comparment and matching coloured zip

    30cm Pencil Case

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  • The 30cm PVC Pencil Case is a clear rectangular shape.

    30cm PVC Pencil Case

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  • The 4 Colour Ballpoint Pen with Rubber Grip In Black

    4 Colour Ballpoint Pen with Rubber Grip

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  • The Blue 4 Minute Counter is a beautiful hourglass timer with sand that comes in a variety of colours that look magical as they pour from one side to the other.

    4 Minute Counter

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  • Clip Pen

    4-in-1 Clip Pen

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  • Sale! The 4-in-1 Pen & Stylus Is Made Out Of Plastics And It Is White. It Features A STylus And Black, Blue, Green And Red Pen.

    4-in-1 Pen & Stylus

    R5.99 R5.09
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