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  • The 101 Metal Pen Blue Ink Leaves You Looking Stylish And Professional While Making Notes During Meetings.

    101 Metal Pen Blue Ink

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  • The 10cm x 15cm Aluminium Photo Frame Has A Brushed Aluminium Finish And A Plastic Easel Back.

    10cm x 15cm Aluminium Photo Frame

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  • The 12 LED Desk Light Features An Adjustable Head, Curved Rubber Grip, 2 Tone Design, An ON/OFF Button And 3 AA Batteries Included.

    12 LED Desk Light

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  • The Blue 12 Piece Felt Tip Pen Set In Zippered Pouch Features 12 Small Plastic Felt Trip Pens Packaged In A 70D Polyester Zippered Pouch With A Plastic Pouch Clip Attached.

    12 Piece Felt Tip Pen Set in Zippered Pouch

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  • The Plastic 15cm Ruler With Protractor Features A Transparent And Magnifying Glass.

    15cm Ruler with Protractor

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  • The Blue 2 In 1 Stylus Ballpoint Pen And Ruler Has A 10cm Ruler, Blue Ink Pen And The Capacitive Stylus Works With iPad,iPhone And Other Touchscreen Devices.

    2 in 1 Stylus Ballpoint Pen and Ruler

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  • Sale! The 2.3 Liter Desktop Water Dispenser Is Made From PP. The Dispenser Has A White Base,Transparent Ringed Barrel And A Silicone Hose Inside Tap.

    2.3 Liter Desktop Water Dispenser

    R130.49 R127.49
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  • The 3 In 1 Ballpoint Pen With Stylus And Phone Stand Has A Plastic Ballpoint Pen, Wide Clip Phone Holder, Capacitive Stylus, Solid Colour Barrel, Silver Tip And Blue Ink.

    3 in 1 Ballpoint Pen with Stylus and Phone Stand

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  • The 3-in-1 Glass Photo Frame Is Made Out Of Glass And Is Black. It Holds 3 Photos: 7.5 x 10 cm, 7.5 x 10 cm And 10 x 15 cm.

    3-in-1 Glass Photo Frame

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  • 3.5 Litre Collapsible Water Dispenser

    3.5 Litre Collapsible Water Dispenser

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  • 30cm Flexi Ruler Available In Royal Blue

    30cm Flexi Ruler

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  • The 30cm Pencil Case is an all red 600D pencil case with a main zip comparment and matching coloured zip

    30cm Pencil Case

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  • The Blue 4 Minute Counter is a beautiful hourglass timer with sand that comes in a variety of colours that look magical as they pour from one side to the other.

    4 Minute Counter

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  • Clip Pen

    4-in-1 Clip Pen

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  • The 4-in-1 Pen & Stylus Is Made Out Of Plastics And It Is White. It Features A STylus And Black, Blue, Green And Red Pen.

    4-in-1 Pen & Stylus

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  • The 6 Can Mini Fridge Features Include A Wall Or Car Adapter, Holds 6 Beverage Cans, Has A Removable Shelf And A Carry Handle.

    6 Can Mini-Fridge

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