Custom Branded & Promotional Sewing Kits

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  • The Easy Care Sewing Kit is a compact yet massive collection of sewing instruments that includes a pair of scissors and tweezers among other things.

    Easy Care Sewing Kit

    R16.74 excl.
    R19.25 incl.
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  • The Measure It tape is a useful BMI measuring Tape. It's relatively low price makes the tape a fantastic choice to fill up a giveaway swag bag.

    Measure It

    R19.14 excl.
    R22.01 incl.
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  • The Pre-Thread Sewing Kit contains 10 needles, 2 buttons, 2 safety pins and 10 colour threads.

    Pre-Thread Sewing Kit

    R11.25 excl.
    R12.94 incl.
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  • Mini Sewing Kit With Scissors, Pins, Thread And More

    Sewing Kit

    R15.69 excl.
    R18.04 incl.
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  • The Sewing Kit & Mirror is a blue plastic oval kit with a flip up lid to reveal a mirror on one side and a mini sewing kit on the other

    Sewing Kit & Mirror

    R9.68 excl.
    R11.13 incl.
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  • The Sewing Kit in Tin is a comprehensive kit that includes an aluminium tin with everything you might need to patch something up

    Sewing Kit in Tin

    R21.30 excl.
    R24.50 incl.
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  • Tailor Compact Kit

    R14.16 excl.
    R16.28 incl.
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