Custom Branded & Promotional First Aid Kits & Medical Items

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  • First Aid Kit in Plastic Case in Plastic Case Is Made Using PP. The features include a 5 Piece first aid kit packaged in a plastic case, First aid kit: 2 Alcohol prep pads, 1 antiseptic cleansing wipe, 2 bandages.

    First Aid Kit in Plastic Case

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  • The First Aid Kit in Zippered Pouch with Belt Clip Contains Tweezers, 1 Roll Of Tape, 1 Bandage Roll, 2 Adhesive Sterile Bandages, 1 Small Alcohol Pad, 1 Single Relief Medicated Pad, 1 Antiseptic Swab And 1 Pair Of Scissors. These Items Come In A Nylon Pouch With A Belt Attachment And A Pre-Printed First Aid Kit Logo On The Front. Red Pouch With Display.

    First Aid Kit in Zippered Pouch with Belt Clip

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  • The Heat Pack is made using PVC. Activate it by pressing the metal plate inside to instantly heat up the pad, making it a great item to keep handy.

    Heat Pack

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  • The Home and Office First Aid Kit with a red carry pouch includes 142 pieces

    Home and Office First Aid Kit

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  • The Hot and Cold Pack is a compact gel bead pack that assists with the relief of muscles pains. Brand it and hand it out at health and athletic events!

    Hot and Cold Pack

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  • The Large First Aid Kit Is Red And Made Out Of 600D. It Includes 2 x Conforming Bandages , 4 x Alcohol Pads , A 1 x Gauze Swab And More.

    Large First Aid Kit

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  • Promotional Medic First Aid Kit Includes 1 x Triangle Bandage, PBT Bandage, 4 x Alcohol Pads, 1 x Swab, 5 x Plasters, 1 x Scissors, 2 x Safety Pins And 1 x Tape

    Medic First Aid Kit

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  • The Mini First Aid Kit In Zip Pouch Features Include A Split Ring, Zippered Pouch, 4 Knuckle Bandages, 4 Round Bandages, 10 Large Bandages, 5 Small Bandages, 6 Alcohol Prep Pads, 1 Cleansing Wipe, 1 Soap Wipe And 1 Antiseptic Wipe.

    Mini First Aid Kit

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  • The Mini Survivor First Aid Kit contains a guide, plasters, towelettes and hand sanitizer

    Mini Survivor First Aid Kit

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  • The Minidoc is a first aid kit that includes everything you might need in an emergency. all packaged in a red zippered bag with a carabiner clip.


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  • The One Week Pill Box has a slot for every day of the week, this pill box is made from plastic and comes in white.

    One Week Pill Box

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  • Outdoor First Aid Kit Including 22 Medical Items

    Outdoor First Aid Kit

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  • PP Plastic Transparent Paramed Pill And Plaster Dispenser

    Paramed Pill And Plaster Dispenser

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  • The Pill Box is a useful container to store medication in. It's cheap price makes it a fantastic choice to brand and giveaway at any health event.

    Pill Box

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  • 3 Compartment Pill Box With Pill Cutter

    Pill Box With Pill Cutter

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  • Sale! Purple Plastic Pill Case Keyholder

    Pill Case Keyholder

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