Custom Branded & Promotional Mini Umbrellas

Umbrellas tend to take up quite a bit of space and can be heavy to carry around, causing great inconvenience when we’re having to run errands and have many things to carry. The solution? A mini umbrella, they are compact and lightweight umbrellas you can carry around with ease. And you can easily store it in your bag!

Easy enough for the kids to handle, mini umbrellas can provide a shield for all ages. Although some may be both waterproof and windproof, it is worth noting not all mini umbrellas have these features. While some provide coverage against rain, others are merely intended to block out the sun.

Mini umbrellas are available in a number of colours and come with a standard matching pouch you’re able to add your logo to.

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  • The Royal Blue 3 Fold Umbrella Is Made From 170T Polyester.The Umbrella Folds Up Into A Cellphone Packet.

    3 Fold Umbrella

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  • The Pink 8 Panel Baton Umbrella is made from 210 Denier material. It is an 8-panel umbrella with a colour matching carry pouch.

    8 Panel Baton Umbrella

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  • 8 Panel Half Size Golf Umbrella

    8 Panel Half Size Golf Umbrella

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  • The Pink 8 Panel Pop-Up Umbrella is a classy travel umbrella with a black hook handle. It includes an umbrella pouch for easy storage.

    8 Panel Pop-Up Umbrella

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  • The Auto 3-Fold Umbrella Has 8 Panels With A 3 Fold And It Is WindProof And Has A Rubber Handle. It Has An Auto Open And Close.

    Auto 3-Fold Umbrella

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  • Black Compact Pop-Up Umbrella Is Made From 210 Denier And Has An 8 Panel Automatic Pop-Up Function.

    Compact Pop-Up Umbrella

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  • The Hugo Boss Umbrella Grid Pocket 8 Panel polyester umbrella in black

    Hugo Boss Umbrella Grid Pocket

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  • The Pocket Umbrella Pink Open

    Pocket Umbrella

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  • Rainbow Compact Umbrella Available In Black

    Rainbow Compact Umbrella

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  • ST 20 Mini Umbrella Available In Dark Pink

    ST 20 Mini Umbrella

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  • ST Mini Umbrella Available In A Variety Of Colours

    ST 21 Mini Umbrella

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  • ST 24 Mini Umbrella Available In Purple

    ST 24 Mini Umbrella

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  • Mini Umbrella Available In Orange

    ST 60 WP Mini Umbrella

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  • Mini Umbrella Available In Green

    ST 61 WP AT Mini Umbrella

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  • Mini Umbrella Available In Turquoise

    ST 66 Mini Umbrella

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  • Telescope Collapsible Umbrella Available In Pink

    Telescope Collapsible Umbrella

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