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Playtime for kids is essential to their development. It grants them a chance to learn, explore and develop the necessary skills and to reach their milestones.

Different forms of play impact them differently. Toys and games, in particular, allow them to be imaginative. And this booming market will only continue to grow, allowing businesses to promote their brands with promotional toys of all kinds.

Many parents are jumping onto the custom toy bandwagon, getting toys personalised with their kids’ names. Make game nights great with branded games. For schools and pre-schools who constantly have to keep kids entertained and educated, promotional games will serve a valuable purpose, allowing kids to learn while having fun.

Games are however not only for kids, let the kid within you come out by playing fetch with the frisbee. When last have you had teams playing beach volleyball with a beach ball? And if you’re more of a homebody, our wooden brain teaser puzzle will get your creative juices flowing.

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  • The White And Black Beach Bats & Balls Are Made Frame Fibreboard With Polypropylene Handles.

    Beach Bats & Ball

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  • Pink Bicoloured Beach Ball Is Made From PVC.

    Bicoloured Inflatable Beach Ball

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  • The Brainbuster Puzzle Is Made From Wood. The Puzzle Comes in A Pre-Printed Cotton Pouch.

    Brainbuster Puzzle

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  • The Bubbles is a plastic orange tube with a wand that has three different size circles


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  • Sale! Catch & Play Hand Ball Set With Sucker Ball And 2 Sucker Ball Holder Catchers

    Catch & Play Hand Ball Set

    R27.54 R22.43
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  • The Catch Game Set With Suction Cup Ball And Two Holders With Elastic Bands To Attach To Your Hand In Lime

    Catch Game Set

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  • The Colouring In Set In Plastic Case Has A Total Of Eight Bright And Colourful Pencils, Twenty Terrific Sheets Of Pictures To Colour In And That All Comes In A Convenient Plastic Box.

    Colouring In Set In Plastic Case

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  • Cuddles Plush Toy Is Made From Super Soft Velboa. The Features Include That It Is Available In Four Different Colours.

    Cuddles Plush Toy

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  • The Dominoes In A Box Includes 28 Pieces And An Instruction Manual. The Dominoes Are Packaged In A Wooden Box With A Sliding Lid.


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  • The Duckie Duck Duck is the cutest little rubber duck out there and is a quirky new branding option that is sure to put a smile on anyone's face.

    Duckie Duck Duck

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  • The Blue Eddie Plush Toy Is Made From Super Soft Velboa. The Features Include An Elephant Shaped Teddy Bear With A Customized T-Shirt.

    Eddie Plush Toy

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  • Sale! Light Blue Three Pronged Design Fidget Spinner With Bearing Center Pad

    Fidget Spinner

    R19.94 R14.24
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  • Green Coloured Plastic Freedom Frisbee

    Freedom Frisbee

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  • The Red Frisbee Is Made From Plastic. This Frisbee Is Long Lasting And Great For Advertising


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  • Sale! Gyro Yo Yo Available In Black

    Gyro Yo-Yo

    R8.99 R6.99
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  • The Hand Clapper in black, yellow and red made from PP, includes three hand shapes on a stick

    Hand Clapper

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