Custom Branded & Promotional Lighters

Just as electricity is an energy source to most household appliances, gas is an energy source in place of electricity. And to power things such as a fire or a candle, lighters, an incredibly handy accessory to carry around, was invented for this exact purpose.

Commonly used by smokers, lighters aren’t just intended for them. If you’re looking to light candles on a cake, you’re going to need a lighter. They are also good in case of emergencies, providing a flame or heat when needed.

Gifting guests with custom or promotional lighters at an event is one such way in which you can increase brand exposure. If you’re in the health and safety industry, sponsoring a health and safety workshop that demonstrates the dangers of fires with custom printed lighters will get your brand noticed by attendees. And if any of them happen to be smokers, you’re guaranteed to have your logo lighter used until the gas runs out.

We can recommend lighters as promotional tools for many reasons, all of which will effectively get your brand noticed.

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